Strawberry Tortoni

strawberry tortoni recipe

As a kid, I loved my Mom’s cooking.  Still do.  As a Mama myself, I always enjoy making something for my brood that she made for me and my siblings.  When my babes love the recipe, it’s like they’re getting an extra helping of love on their plates.  And, it warms my heart. Springtime always […]

Wits End….

at the end of my rope

I have a child who tests my limits.  Scratch that.  She scoffs at them.  Has complete disregard for my rules and my patience. She makes me reevaluate my parenting skills and cry out loud to the Lord for assistance. She is 2.  This is my truth. All babes are different.  My 5 are certainly very […]

Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Mediterranean Chopped Salad

The other night I made a pretty freaking awesome salad for dinner.  At first mention, Chris kind of turned up his nose.  He’s totally a meat and potatoes guy and gets a little cranky without it.  I have to remind myself to throw him a turkey leg every now and then or he mutates into […]

Fighting Grime with Grime ~ How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

how to clean your kitchen cabinets

How often do you give your kitchen a really good scrub?  I’m not talking about mopping the floors and cleaning out the fridge.  I’m talking white-knuckled cabinets, floors, nooks and crannies deep cleaning? If you’re like me, I think I know the answer to that question.  My best friend {Bar Keeper’s} and I can really […]