Moving Day

moving day

It was moving day at my in-laws over the weekend. I’m not the kind of person that gets attached to things.  Not material things anyway.  I mean, I’m attached to my kids and to Chris {most of the time }.  But, I tend to thrive on change.  The unknown excites me.  I love to play […]

Paleo Chocolate Cake

paleo chocolate cake recipe

What’s a birthday without cake, right?  I totally agree.  Which is why I was so lucky when Mom made me one last week.  But not just any cake mind you; a Devilish Paleo Chocolate Cake!  Why is it devilish?  Because it’s extreme in every sense.  Chocolate.  Ganache.  Frosting.  Chocolate.  Chocolate.  Starting to get the idea?? […]

35 Years Old {Comfortable}

35 years old

Today I am 35 years old.  I don’t feel old though.  More like…….comfortable.  Yea, that’s it!  I’m 35 years comfortable.  In my own skin, with all my personalities, as a mama and a wife; I’m feeling pretty darn good. So, since you so graciously come ’round here post after post, I thought I’d celebrate my […]

How to Plan a Road Trip with Kids

how to plan a road trip with kids

Today I am being adventurous!  Hopefully as you are reading this, the babes and I {and my mom} are on our way to St. Louis, MO.  A mini road trip if you will.   I’ve never been a fan of road trips.  I find long drives to be a complete snooze fest.  And, if I’m […]

Paleo Plantain Chips

Americas Restaurant

Have you ever eaten plantain chips? There’s an amazing restaurant in the River Oaks area of Houston called Americas. Excellent food.  Amazing mosaic tile bathrooms {I love bathrooms.  I’m weird like that}. I actually went there for prom and high school graduation {many moons ago}.  Perfect little place for an intimate dinner or special occasion. […]

Week in Review {2}

family bowling

{Hopefully you noticed} I took a few days off last week.  My Lil’ Squishee, Babe 5, was Baptized last Sunday and we’ve had family visiting all week.  While the weather could’ve been better, all the babes had so much fun.  We kept them busy visiting some madly wish fave hot spots, and tried out a […]

How to Display Kids Artwork

kids artwork

Ever notice how much art ‘stuff’ you accumulate once you have preschool-aged kids?  It’s utterly ridiculous!  And, then one day you have to painstakingly go through the pile and try to decide which one is Picasso-worthy and which is better left to Oscar the Grouch.   Don’t even get me started on the discussions I’ve […]

Paleo Zucchini Hummus

paleo zucchini hummus

How was your Father’s Day?  We decided to have a cook out at my sister-in-law’s camper.  Hot and humid, but relaxing and the kids always have a blast.   I was never one for playing in the dirt as a kid.  Never made mud pies.  I preferred to make a ‘salad’ in an old pie […]