DIY Button Bracelets

Years ago I bought a button bracelet to support a charity.  I loved it!  The bracelet was super cute with tortoise shell buttons and chocolate brown accents on a narrow leather cord.

The construction seemed pretty simple and since I was getting ready to be on bed rest post sinus surgery I thought it would be a great project to try.  It was; and I’m happy to share it with you today.

button bracelet by madly wish

The great thing about these DIY Button Bracelets is that they are multipurpose.  They make great gifts; would be fun for a sleepover activity or even something a girl scout troop could make.  The combination of colors and buttons is endless.  I made the following example for Babe 2 and let her pick out the colors.  The focus button is a spare from a Matilda Jane dress.  Isn’t it cute? :)

Here’s what you’ll need:

diy button bracelet supplies


I cute about 36″ of cord.  I like to have enough length to trim the ends when they start to unravel.  And, depending on who you are making it for, you can adjust the size accordingly.

diy button bracelet


It’s a good idea to lay out your pattern.  No biggie if you wanna change it up along the way.  But having a plan is always a good idea, says me.

diy button bracelet

make a simple knot to begin

First, you only need to double to cord and make a simple knot in the middle like shown above.  It’s best to determine what button you will finish with beforehand.  This way you can make the knot just slightly smaller than the button.  This will create the closure for the bracelet.

diy button bracelet


Start by sliding the cord through the bottom of your first button.  Then, bring that same strand of cord cross wise from the top back through the bottom.  Makes sense?  If you need to create tension on the cord, you can safety pin the knot you made in the previous step to your pants or pillow or something {I use my teeth :) }.

Now, repeat this step with the other strand of cord starting from underneath the button.  Once you are finished you can slide the button up to the knot you made.  Don’t freak out if the button doesn’t slide smoothly on the hemp.  Loosen up the cording if you need a little wiggle room!

diy button bracelet

Once you slide the button all the way up, it should look like this from the top.

diy button bracelet

And this on the underside.  The trick to keeping the buttons from twisting on the cord is to make sure that the strands remain straight when you are threading the buttons.  You can rely on the tension in your cord to assist with this.

diy button bracelet

Doubling up the buttons is easy as a Cadbury Egg {don’t you just love Easter candy?}.  Just keep the holes lined up and thread the same way.

diy button bracelet

Thread back down through the top again like so.  {It’s fun typing ‘like so’.}  Repeat with the other hemp button bracelet

Slide those suckers up to the first button and you’ve got the makings of a DIY Button Bracelet.  I’m not going to bore you with a button by button pictorial.  Besides, I know you’ve got it down now.  

diy button bracelet

Here’s the view from the top when you are finished with the buttons.

diy button bracelet

And here’s the back.  See what I mean about keeping the strands from crossing?  The buttons lay nice and straight this way.  If you happen to cross them, don’t fret.  It’s easy to remove the strands and redo it.  One more step and you’re done!

After all the buttons have been added, simply make a knot at the other end of your bracelet and try to keep that knot as close to the final button as possible.  {Silly me, I forgot to take a picture here.}  

Lastly, I add a dab of hot glue or super glue under the knots at each end and press the knot to the button.  It’s not necessary, but it does keep the ends in place quite nicely.

Now loop that know you made around you last button and you’re done!  That was like, what, 7 minutes?

diy button bracelet

Voila!  Totally cute on my babe’s wrist!  Yep, she’s wearing it to school tomorrow.  

What color combos will you make?



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