August 03, 2019

5 Benefits of Linen Bedding

5 Benefits of Linen Bedding

1. Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic

Linen bedding is perfect for super sensitive baby skin & the first choice for those who suffer from skin allergies like eczema.  Dermatologists frequently recommend linen sheets to provide relief to those with skin disorders.

2. Safer Breathing

Blankets, sheets & mattresses contain harmful chemicals and known carcinogens. In choosing a natural fiber like linen for your bedding, you can limit your family's exposure to these toxins & feel confident knowing that the air you breathe is cleaner.

3. Temperature Regulating

Say goodbye to night sweats!  Linen's ability to wick sweat away from the body allows room for air flow, keeping your skin cool & dry.  Though commonly thought of as a summer textile, linen keeps your body temperature just right no matter the season you're in.

4. Soothing

The natural, microscopic breaks in linen gently massage your skin. This 'free spa treatment' promotes blood flow and an overall feeling of wellness. (No tip needed!)

5. Germ Free

Linen is resistant to bacteria, fungus & dust mites (Insert round of applause from asthma sufferers!).  BONUS: It's a natural insect repellent!

There are so many benefits of linen sheets.  These are our top 5 reasons to love this natural textile.  Already a lover of linen bedding?  Share what you love most in the comments below!