Health Benefits of Co-Sleeping

August 06, 2019

Health Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Whether you plan to share a room with baby from birth, or you end up there from sheer exhaustion and convenience, medical research shows there are many health benefits of co-sleeping (also known as room sharing) with your child.

According to research, babies who share a room with their parents benefit from the following:

  • Emotional Health - Co-sleeping children grow with an increased self-esteem and lower levels of anxiety. Babies who sleep near mom or dad are naturally more comfortable with affection. No spoiled babies here...Those extra cuddle sessions actually have science to back them up!
  • Lower Risk of SIDS - Science shows that the risk of SIDS is 4x less for babies who room share with their parents. They spend more time sleeping on their backs & even experience better breathing as a result of the carbon dioxide exhaled by a sleeping parent.
  • Peaceful & Restful Sleep - Co-sleeping babies benefit from a more restful sleep because they naturally startle & cry much less than those children who sleep alone.
  • Safer - This one was the most surprising of all....Studies show that there are 3 times more infant accidents involving cribs than those in the family bed.

However you choose to put baby to sleep, safe sleeping should always be practiced.  There are many options to keep baby close with a mini crib (affiliate link) or bassinet if room sharing is something you'd like to try.

Do you have experience co-sleeping with your baby?  What's worked best for you?  

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