whitney surane, owner of Madly Wish and family


little boy wearing a big brother crown sitting with his pregnant mom

Soft, timeless European linens and minimalist design merge to create a collection of sophisticated home decor and gifts that will be cherished for years to come––and high quality fabric and a small team of elite clothiers ensure it is made to last.

Simply designed to keep the focus on the moment, a Madly Wish tooth fairy pillow or birthday crown will evoke those memories down the road, reminding a parent of the purest times when it was about nothing more than the connection between their babies and themselves.

family of 7 walking in the woods

Madly Wish came into being as a celebration of family and life after founder Whitney Surane faced struggles that nearly ended hers. Her subsequent "flight into life" inspired a desire to live and create intentionally. Keepsakes she'd gathered over the years took on new meaning: a heart-shaped note her mother sent during camp, cards from grandparents to her children, the robe that her mother keeps at her house. Whitney would watch her own daughter slip into her mother's robe, inhaling her grandmother's scent and swaddling herself in comfort. That ritual became a beacon, and Whitney began to build her legacy on it.

Madly Wish is an ode to the fading tradition of tactile memories, of having something to hold, smell, and feel when you want to remember––something that's been there from the beginning, woven not only with threads of fabric, but memory.