Sustainable Fabrics and Organic Linens For Home and Play

At MW, we believe that every moment should be cherished.  We believe that the memories you make are woven into the fabric of your family.

We believe that thoughtful and conscious consumerism is necessary for the future.

We believe that using a natural, chemical free textile is better for the planet and your family.

We believe in celebrating life and it's little moments, because we only have one.

We believe in loving MADLY and WISHing kindness, humility & compassion on each other.

We believe that everything was impossible until someone proved otherwise.


Giving Back:

After her own struggles with anxiety, depression and a suicide attempt, Whitney found tremendous support and strength in the AFSP.  The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention is a voluntary health organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death. MW is proud to partner with such an incredible community by donating 5% of each sale to support the Illinois Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that has helped her and millions of Americans since 1987.

Journey to Family Series:

At our core, it's always been about family.

And, like stitches in a hand-sewn quilt, no two are alike.  We want to celebrate the beauty and birth of your family with others.

If you'd give us the honor of sharing your story, please email to tell us about your family and how you came to be.  All families are welcome!