Easy Easter Decor Ideas

50 easy easter decor ideas

50 Easter Decor Ideas for a Charming Holiday Celebration

Need quick and easy easter decor ideas that won’t break the bank or take up your whole day? We’ve got you covered. We're sharing simple DIY decorations that range from Bunny Trail Entryways to playful Eggshell Planters. Perfect for families, these ideas are meant to inspire joy and a festive mood with little effort. Read on to bring a touch of easy Easter magic to your celebration.

Key Takeaways

  • Creative Easter entryway decor, such as a bunny trail of footprints using flour and a reusable stencil, offers a magical welcome to guests and can be customized to indoor or outdoor setups.

  • Table settings enhanced with pastel linens, bunny ear napkin rings, floral centerpieces, and candy accents can set the perfect Easter ambiance for family gatherings.

  • DIY and upcycling projects, including eggshell planters for succulents, peppy pom-pom bunnies, and an Easter egg bush, contribute to a fun, educational, and festive holiday decor.

Bunny Trail Entryway

easter bunny footprint stencil

If you’ve been pondering ways to make your front porch more welcoming for Easter, your search ends here. Imagine a trail of bunny footprints leading up to your front door. With a heavy paper footprint template, scissors, and a sprinkle of flour, you can create a magical bunny footprint trail that’s sure to delight visiting children.

And, whether you live in a dry or rainy climate, this enchanting entryway decoration can be tailored to suit your home’s setting. In warmer regions, consider laying the footprints on a sidewalk or cement area. If the weather isn’t cooperating, creating the bunny footprint trail indoors near the front door on surfaces like carpet or wood flooring can be just as magical and allows for easy post-holiday cleanup.

Why not greet your guests this Easter with a delightful bunny trail?

Pastel Perfection Table Setting

personalized easter decor

Easter is a time for family gatherings, and what better place to celebrate than around a beautifully set table on Easter Sunday? Soft pastel-colored linens, a lively centerpiece, and decorative eggs all come together to create the perfect Easter table setting. But why stop there?

Let’s delve into the finer points, transforming your table setting into something uniquely special.

Subtle Touches

Injecting an Easter theme into your dining table doesn’t need to be complex. Because a touch of creativity can turn even the minor details into significant features of your easter décor. Bunny ear napkin rings, for instance, are a delightful addition to any table setting. You can craft these charming details from classic salt dough or simple construction paper.

modern easter table decor

Consider adding a festive twist to your salt and pepper shakers as well. Crafting egg-shaped ones out of construction paper is a fun and easy way to infuse some Easter spirit into your table.

Floral Centerpiece

spring easter table decor

Nothing says Easter like a bouquet of fresh, spring flowers. So, here’s how you can create an elegant Easter floral centerpiece:

  • Combine soft pink tulips

  • White hyacinths

  • Coral sweetpea

  • Peach stock

The use of soft pastel colors and a diverse selection of spring flowers will contribute to a festive Easter table ambiance.

Elevate the elegance by populating a clear vase with small arrangements of vibrant flowers, using dyed eggs to occupy the vacant spaces.

Candy Accents

Who proclaimed that candy should be confined to Easter baskets? Add a whimsical touch to your table setting by scattering foil-wrapped chocolate eggs and fabric carrot treat bags around the floral centerpieces. Because not only will these candy accents add a festive touch to your decor, they’ll also serve as sweet treats for your guests!

DIY Eggshell Planters

diy eggshell planters

As you prepare for the Easter festivities, don’t forget about the eggshells! Transforming eggshells into DIY planters for succulents or seeds adds a fun and educational element to your Easter decor. Some reasons why succulents are perfect for planting in the eggshells are:

  • They have minimal care requirements

  • They are resilient and can withstand different conditions

  • They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them visually appealing

Enhancing your eggshell planters by drawing faces on them can be a fun project for children, providing an educational experience in caring for plants and understanding the biodegradable nature of eggshells.

Whimsical Window Wonders

Adorning your windows for Easter can turn into an enjoyable and innovative endeavor. Handcrafted fabric shapes such as eggs can be used to add charm to any space. These fabric shapes are made by stitching cotton fabric scraps into the form of eggs, based on a free sewing pattern, and then finishing the edges with decorative cuts.

Personalization of fabric Easter eggs can be achieved by adding embroidered names or designs with heat transfer vinyl to suit individual preferences or complement home decor. Once crafted, these fabric Easter shapes can be hung on strings across windows to capture the beauty of spring sunshine.

Festive Felt Garland

Garlands, a time-honored choice for holiday adornments, are equally fitting for Easter. To create a DIY felt Easter garland, source wool blend felt in various colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and white. And you can craft different Easter motif shapes, like a chick from yellow felt, a carrot from orange felt, a flower from pink felt, and a bunny from white felt.

diy bunny garland

Pom Pom Bunnies

Bunnies are an indispensable element when it comes to Easter decorations! Making pom pom bunnies can be a creative and fun activity for the whole family. Here’s how to make them:

  1. Start by making two pom poms, a smaller one for the head and a larger one for the body. You can use a pom-pom maker or make them by hand.

  2. Glue the two pom poms together, with the smaller one on top of the larger one.

  3. Cut out two bunny ears from felt and glue them to the top of the smaller pom-pom.

  4. Use black pony beads for the eyes and a pink bead for the nose. Glue them onto the smaller pom pom.

  5. Finish off your pom pom bunny with a cute little bow tie. You can make the bow tie from small strips of ribbon or fabric and glue it onto the larger pom-pom.

Now you have your adorable pom pom bunny!

Sweet Spring Wreath

Embrace the season of renewal by hanging a delightful spring wreath on your front door. Whether you choose a heart-shaped grapevine form to create a bunny-shaped base or a plain grapevine wreath for a more traditional shape, the result will be a lovely addition to your Easter decor. Add faux greenery to provide a lush, springtime foundation.

Embellish the greenery with translucent glitter-covered eggs for a sparkling Easter effect. Use a bundle of pastel eggs as a charming focal point to symbolize the Easter holiday. Consider enhancing the uniqueness of the wreath by replacing the standard bow with an Easter swag fashioned from ribbons and artificial flowers.

Chocolate Bunny Centerpiece

Celebrate Easter this year by going an extra mile and transforming a chocolate bunny into the star attraction of your table decor. Place the large chocolate bunny on a large plate or platter to establish it as the central feature of the centerpiece. Surround the chocolate bunny with a circle of vibrant tulips, creating a floral frame around the centerpiece.

Incorporate foil-wrapped chocolate eggs around the centerpiece for added visual interest and to offer guests a sweet treat.

Egg-citing Mantel Display

The mantel usually serves as the room’s centerpiece, and Easter presents an ideal opportunity for a festive revamp. Start by selecting a soft pastel color palette for the mantel, using a primary hue complemented by two or three additional pastel shades for a cohesive and tranquil display.

spring mantle ideas

Arrange items of varying heights and sizes to create a visually appealing and symmetrical setup. Include satin-covered eggs and hanging eggs for an element of sophistication, placing them neatly on the mantel or within an ornate basket.

Rustic Bunny Silhouette Art

If rustic decor appeals to your taste, consider blending it with your Easter decorations. Rustic bunny silhouette art can add a charming and festive touch to your home. To create this art piece, you’ll need:

Follow these steps to create your bunny silhouette:

  1. Paint over the silhouette.

  2. Attach a large pom-pom to the silhouette using a hot glue gun for a three-dimensional effect.

Delightful Door Hangers

Door hangers add a creative and inviting touch to any front door. This Easter, consider using wooden egg shapes or bunny cutouts as the base for your door hangers. Decorate the wooden base with ribbons and faux flowers for a festive Easter look.

You can even add personalized messages or additional Easter-themed decorations to enhance the charm of the door hangers.

Tulip Bouquet Twist

pastel tulip twist arrangement

Tulips are a staple of spring and make a beautiful addition to any Easter decor. Consider a faux or fresh tulip bouquet for your entryway or dinner table.

Refreshing Easter Vignette

Creating a vignette can be an effective method to establish a focal point in your Easter decor. Start by arranging decorative elements like painted eggs or a nest beneath a hurricane glass. Enhance the Easter vignette with a festive touch by hanging a Happy Easter banner as a complement to the display.

Incorporating vintage Easter postcards into the vignette can create a nostalgic feel, featuring motifs of chicks, bunnies, and pastel shades.

Joyful Jelly Bean Jars

Who can resist the appeal of a jar brimming with colorful jelly beans? Not only are they a sweet treat, but they also make for a simple and joyful Easter decoration. By placing a paper towel tube inside a clear jar before filling it with jelly beans, you can create a space for inserting flowers or other decorations without them touching the candy. And if you’re planning on eating the jelly beans later, you can put the paper towel tube in a baggie before placing it in the jar to prevent the jelly beans from touching any glue on the tube.

jelly bean floral arrangement

Whether used as a centerpiece or given as a festive gift, jelly bean jars are a delightful addition to any Easter decor.

Handcrafted Egg Mobile

Given the importance of eggs in Easter celebrations, why not make them a key feature in your home decor? A handcrafted egg mobile can be a unique and creative addition to your Easter decorations. By using decorated eggs, ribbons, and branches, you can create a beautiful display that will captivate your guests and add a festive touch to your home.

diy easter egg branch

Lively Easter Egg Bush

If you’re in search of an original and inventive Easter decoration, contemplate creating a vibrant Easter Egg Bush. This charming decoration starts with a simple ice bucket filled with floral foam, which is then adorned with grass and branches.

The branches of the easter tree are adorned with decorated eggs, creating a vibrant and festive spring decor display that’s perfect for Easter.

Pastel Chair Backs

Injecting an Easter theme into your dining table doesn’t need to be complex. A touch of creativity can turn even the minor details into significant features. Pastel chiffon chair backs, for instance, are an elegant addition to any table setting. 

These chair covers drape elegantly over the back of chairs, introducing a whimsical and playful element to the dining room.

Basket of Blooms

Don’t let your empty Easter baskets go unused! Repurposing an empty Easter basket into a planter filled with spring blooms can add a charming touch to your Easter decor.

After inserting a plastic liner with a few small holes for water drainage into the basket, you can fill the basket with dry floral foam. The foam provides a stable base for arranging your favorite spring flowers.

Creative Crepe Paper Carrots

Enhance your Easter decorations with a playful touch by introducing oversized carrots crafted from rolled crepe paper. You’ll need apricot, golden yellow, and orange crepe streamers for the carrot body, and leaf green crepe paper for the greenery.

diy carrot decorations

Once the crepe paper carrots are assembled, they can be displayed as part of your Easter decor or given as festive gifts.

Egg-stra Special Photo Frames

Consider giving your photo frames a festive update this Easter, adding a touch of festive cheer. By using Easter-themed borders or free printable frames from online resources, you can transform ordinary photo frames into festive Easter displays.

easter photo frame online

To make your frames extra special, consider spray-painting them in soft pastel colors to match the Easter theme.

Light-Up Easter Jars

For a mesmerizing Easter decoration, think about crafting light-up Easter jars. LED battery-operated color-changing lights can be used to create visually appealing light-up Easter jars, and their impact can be further enhanced by controlling them with a remote.

led light up jar

A coordinating lid, band, and ribbon can provide a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look when added to the mason jars alongside the LED lights. To assemble a light-up Easter jar, begin by filling the jar with white sand to cover the battery pack, then arrange the string lights inside.

Garden-Inspired Garland

Garlands, a time-honored choice for holiday adornments, are equally fitting for Easter. By using real or faux greenery, floral wire, and grapevine wire, you can craft a garden-inspired garland that will add a touch of nature to your Easter decor.

To create a beautiful Easter wreath, follow these steps:

  1. Cut individual stems from faux magnolia bushes.

  2. Attach the magnolia stems to grapevine wire with floral wire, interspersing eucalyptus stems for variety.

  3. For a more convenient option, use pre-made faux magnolia leaf garlands.

  4. Adorn the garland with seasonal decor to fit the Easter theme.

Enchanted Easter Terrarium

Terrariums, gaining popularity in indoor gardening, can serve as a distinct addition to your Easter decor. By using gravel, cactus compost, and succulent plants, you can construct an enchanted Easter terrarium that’s both beautiful and easy to maintain. Enhance the Easter spirit of your terrarium with an array of miniature decorations, including:

  • resin bunnies

  • chicks

  • carrots

  • small baskets

simple easter terrarium

For a magical nighttime ambiance, incorporate luminous mini rabbit figurines which glow in the dark, adding to the enchanted appeal of your Easter terrarium.

Charming Crochet Egg Cozies

If crochet piques your interest, creating charming egg cozies for your Easter table could be a great idea. These cozy little covers are a delightful way to keep hard-boiled eggs warm during the Easter festivities. Animal-shaped crochet egg cozies, including designs like bunnies with pompom tails and crochet ears, add playful charm suitable for children and festive decor.

crochet easter egg cozy

Free patterns and tutorials for crafting crochet egg cozies are available, ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced projects.

Vintage Easter Postcard Display

Vintage Easter postcards can infuse a sense of nostalgia into your Easter decor. These cards, which date back to the early 20th century, feature a range of themes from religious to comical.

diy vintage easter decorations

You can repurpose and showcase these vintage Easter cards by attaching them to photo frames, creating charming wall decor. Alternatively, you can clip vintage Easter postcards onto a string with clothespins for a festive garland-like display.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog post, exploring a wide variety of Easter decor ideas. From creating a magical bunny trail at your front door to crafting a garden-inspired garland, these decorations are sure to bring joy and festive cheer to your Easter celebrations. So why wait? Start planning your Easter decor today and celebrate the season of rebirth and renewal in style!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you start decorating for each holiday?

You should start decorating for a holiday about two to four weeks before the actual holiday, depending on its importance. This is a good general guideline to follow when planning your holiday decor. OR, whenever the mood strikes you!  And remember, it's totally ok to celebrate early if you want to enjoy the season longer.

How to decorate my table for Easter?

Decorate your Easter table with spring floral colors and pastel-hued placemats, napkins, and glasses, and consider adding playful and whimsical elements for the kids, such as a cute bunny napkin ring.

What is the traditional Easter decor?

Traditional Easter decor includes groupings of bunnies, chicks, and eggs as well as Easter-themed trees with cute ornaments and possibly an Easter village on the mantel. This is a a delightful way to bring the spirit of Easter into your home!

How can I create a bunny trail at my front door?

You can create a magical bunny trail using a heavy paper footprint template, scissors, and a sprinkle of flour. Doing so will add a touch of whimsy to your front door.

What is a good way to add an Easter-themed touch to my dining table?

You can add a subtle Easter-themed touch to your dining table with bunny ear napkin rings and egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers. So enjoy your festive table setting!