When the Tooth Fairy Forgets: Turning Toothless Tears into Smiles

What do you do when the tooth fairy forgets to visit?  A helpful guide on how to turn things around when parents forget.  Madly Wish Tooth Fairy Pillows

Losing a first tooth is a momentous occasion for kids, often accompanied by excitement and anticipation. They carefully tuck that precious baby tooth under their pillow, hoping for a visit from the Tooth Fairy and a delightful surprise in the morning.

But what happens when the fairy forgets to make her nightly rounds? It's a scenario that can lead to some disappointed little faces and guilt-ridden parents. So, what's a family to do when the fairy slips up? Let's explore some creative and comforting solutions to help turn those toothless tears into smiles.

little boy wearing a green shirt with a toothless smile holding a Madly Wish tooth fairy pillow

First Things First: Stay Calm

As parents, it's important to remember that forgetting is a part of life, even for magical beings. The first step is to stay calm and reassure your child that these things happen.

Simply explain that the Tooth Fairy is incredibly busy, visiting children all the time all around the world.  And, sometimes she might need a little reminder.

Write a Gentle Note

Encourage your child to write a sweet note to the leave for the Tooth Fairy. They can express their feelings and mention the missed visit. Use this as a chance for your child to practice their writing skills and convey their emotions easily.

Tooth Fairy Pillows

To avoid future forgetfulness, use a Tooth Fairy door hanger. When your child loses a tooth, they can hang the tooth fairy pillow on their bedroom door ready for the visit.

Their lost tooth will fit perfectly inside the pocket on the tooth fairy pillow that you can even personalize with your child's name. It adds an element of interactivity and excitement to the tooth-losing process (plus a gentle reminder for parents!!).

kids holding the best tooth fairy pillows from Madly Wish

The Power of Redo Nights

Introduce the concept of "redo nights." Explain to your child that sometimes, the Tooth Fairy might need to wait for a second chance to make her visit. If she forgets one night, she might return the next night with an extra special surprise to make up for it.

Celebrate Tooth-Filled Mornings

Shift the focus from the visit to the joy of waking up with a missing tooth. Celebrate the mornings when your child discovers the gap in their smile. Create a small breakfast celebration or a special toothless grin photo session.

Turn It into a Learning Experience

Use the moment as a valuable lesson in empathy and understanding. Discuss how sometimes, grown-ups and even magical creatures make mistakes. Teach your child the importance of forgiveness and second chances.

DIY Tooth Fairy Treasures

If the visit is delayed, consider crafting a small homemade treasure with your child as a keepsake. This can be a fun bonding activity and a way to create lasting memories.

cute personalized tooth pillow with girls name on it

Keep a Tooth Fairy Diary

Encourage your child to keep a diary where they document each lost tooth and the surprises left by the Tooth Fairy. Even missed visits can become a part of making these cherished memories.

Suggest a Tooth Fairy Charity Donation

Turn a forgetful visit into an opportunity for generosity. Explain to your child that sometimes, the Tooth Fairy donates the tooth money to children in need. Encourage them to choose a charity to donate the tooth money to and make a small contribution.


While a forgotten visit from the Tooth Fairy can initially lead to disappointment, it's also a great teaching opportunity for important life lessons in understanding, empathy, and problem-solving. By approaching the situation with creativity and love, you can turn the toothless tears into smiles and make the Tooth Fairy's occasional slip-ups a memorable part of your child's tooth-losing journey they will absolutely love.

child playing with tooth fairy pillow with a pocket from madly wish