Cloth Cocktail Napkins Bulk – The Perfect Party Accessory

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Host a stylish & eco-friendly event with the perfect party accessory: cloth cocktail napkins. These elegant & fun napkins not only contribute to the theme of your party, but also dress up your bar cart when you're hosting just for one. 😉

Quick Summary

  • Linen cocktail napkins are stylish, eco-friendly and reusable accessories for any event.

  • Choose between linen or cotton depending on preferences of durability, absorbency and appearance.

  • Customize through monogramming, embroidery colors & patterns to reflect personal style or an event theme.

Why Choose Cloth Cocktail Napkins

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When organizing an event, you might not think twice about the type of napkins to use. However, selecting cloth cocktail napkins over paper ones has the benefit of being both eco-friendly & reusable. Made from linen or cotton, these cloth pieces are highly absorbent as well as long lasting when compared to regular paper napkin sets. Reusable and washable they make for great additions at any table setting with various elegant designs available so you can complement any type of party or wedding perfectly!

Linen vs. Cotton

When it comes to cloth cocktail napkins, both linen and cotton offer distinct benefits. Napkins made of linen are more absorbent and long-lasting for events that could involve spills, while those crafted with cotton provide a softer texture as well as easy upkeep. Depending on your preferences when it comes to the event you’re hosting or attending, choosing either material will not only look stylish but be eco-friendly too!

Considering all aspects such as durability, absorbency levels and appearance preference can help narrow down which type of napkin is best suited for any particular occasion. Ultimately, selecting between linen or cotton depends entirely on individual needs at hand, rest assured though that they make superb choices in terms of practicality plus aesthetics no matter what option one decides upon!

Washable and Reusable

As mentioned above, cloth cocktail napkins offer the benefit of reusability & help to reduce waste. You can have your party & feel good about it too (no crying needed)! Manufactured from linen or cotton fabric, which is highly absorbent, these types of napkins can handle multiple washings while retaining their quality. In order to ensure the best longevity for your cloth cocktail napkins, it’s important that you use phosphate-free detergent with appropriate washing and drying instructions on each cycle within your machine. Investing in sustainable products like reusable cocktails will not only support our environment, but also be beneficial towards budget savings over time!

Customizing Your Linen Cocktail Napkins

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You can elevate the party even more by making personalized linen cocktail napkins. Whether through monogramming, embroidery or customizing colors and patterns, you can add to your theme & color palette. Different customization options are available for the cloth cocktail napkins and include choices such as designs, lettering, etc., reflecting both your personality and overall theme of the occasion.

Let's discuss various ways to customize these napkins including how best it suits one’s own style while making sure they remain practical in their purpose too!

Monogramming and Embroidery

Cloth cocktail napkins can be made more special with monogramming and embroidery customization options. These are perfect for celebrating weddings, anniversaries and other moments of significance. Embroidery gives an extra touch to your cloth cocktails by stitching patterns onto the fabric, which creates sophistication as well as elegance in these festive accessories. Elevate any party atmosphere by using customized cocktail napkins that bring personalization combined with style!

Color and Pattern Options

If you are looking for the perfect cloth cocktail napkins to enhance your celebration, then look no further than our collection which offers an array of styles and colors. 

Caring for Your Cloth Cocktail Napkins

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But how do you take care of your cloth cocktail napkins? You just need a few extra steps to care for your napkins. These include washing & drying them correctly, as well as removing any stains present and storing for future use. To help ensure your napkins stay in optimal condition for longer periods of time, here is an overview on how best care for them.

Washing and Drying

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s washing and drying instructions in order to preserve the quality and appearance of your cloth cocktail napkins. The recommended process begins by placing them into a washing machine with cold water, detergent, and using gentle cycle on low heat. Once complete, roll up each napkin tightly within a large towel so that any leftover moisture can be removed before air drying either indoors or out under sunlight.

By takes just a few moments to care for them, you'll ensure that your cloth cocktail napkins remain unblemished for all future events!

Stain Removal

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, it’s likely that your cloth cocktail napkins will get stained. To keep them in good condition for future use, immediately treating the stain and using the appropriate technique can make a huge difference. Common stains found on these napkins are related to drinks such as red wine or coffee which have spilled onto them.

When dealing with marks, remember to take into account not only the material of the fabric, but also how long they’ve been there and the type of blemish itself! Popular approaches include spot cleaning, soaking, washing, etc., so always look at product instructions before implementing anything since some materials react differently to certain techniques than others do.


Ensuring that your cloth cocktail napkins are stored correctly is of the utmost importance to prevent wrinkles and harm. The ideal way for them to be kept is by folding or rolling neatly and placing in a cool, dry area. Taking care of your cloth cocktail napkins this way will ensure their long-term preservation and make sure they’re ready for any occasion.

Also, it’s necessary to keep away from sunlight or heat sources which can lead to discoloration on fabric surface so taking some time into account while storing these items makes certain you get years out of enjoying both functionality as well as beauty given by cocktail napkins!

Where to Buy Cloth Cocktail Napkins in Bulk

cocktail napkin set

Buying cloth cocktail napkins in bulk can save money and provide enough for an event. To locate the best deals on bulk packs of these items, it is important to consider prices, shipping costs, and delivery times when comparing suppliers. 

custom cloth cocktail napkins

If you find a design you love, or are searching for custom options, don't hesitate to contact small businesses.  Many are able to work with you to help you design cocktail napkins to fit any party theme.


By investing a bit of time to compare prices, select shipping and delivery options, and properly care for your cloth cocktail napkins - with monograms, embroidery or any number of colors & patterns available - you can add an extra touch of elegance that’s also eco-friendly. These durable yet absorbent items offer long lasting use as they are washable multiple times. The perfect way to bring style plus sustainability into all your events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a napkin and a cocktail napkin?

Cocktail napkins are much smaller than dining napkins, typically measuring 5” x 5” inches compared to 18” x 18” up to 27” x 27” for dining napkins.

They were also used for standing meals, while dining napkins are more commonly associated with formal seated meals.

Where do you put cocktail napkins?

Cocktail napkins make a wonderful gift and are great for using as coasters on your dining table & bar cart decor protecting the surface underneath while enhancing the look of it.

Can you use cocktail napkins for dessert?

Cocktail napkins, sometimes called beverage napkins, are ideal for any gathering - they’re small enough to put by drinks or can be used in place of plates when dishing up appetizers and desserts. In other words, cocktail napkins provide a practical solution when it comes to dessert!

Are cloth cocktail napkins machine washable?

It is possible to wash cloth cocktail napkins in the washing machine, but a gentle cycle and cold water must be used. These particular napkins are specifically meant for cleaning purposes due to their color.

What is the difference between linen and cotton cloth cocktail napkins?

Napkins, specifically linen cocktail napkins, are more absorbent and hardy than cotton ones. The latter material is noticeably softer and simpler to maintain.