Birthday Crowns | "Fits perfectly and will for years to come!"

Crowning Moments: Celebrate in Style with Madly Wish Birthday Crowns

At Madly Wish, we believe that birthdays are not just a passing of time. They're a celebration of life, love, & the precious moments that shape us. Each Birthday Crown handmade and designed in the USA transforms ordinary birthdays into extraordinary memories. Because they add a touch of royalty and whimsy to your child's special day!

Crafted for Magical Birthdays

Our custom crowns are more than just accessories. They're a symbol of the magic that birthdays bring. Each birthday crown is handcrafted with love and care. We use the finest materials, ensuring they're not just fit for a day but for countless celebrations to come.

Personalized for Your Precious One

What makes our birthday crowns truly special is the personal touch. Because our party crowns are customizable with your child's name, age, or a cherished phrase, these crowns are as unique as the smiles they bring. Because we believe that a child's name is a source of empowerment. It's a reminder of their individuality, & a spark for confidence. 

Beyond Birthdays

While our custom crowns are perfect for birthdays, they're not limited to just one day of the year. They're designed for imaginative play and dress-up adventures, allowing your child to explore a world of creativity and make-believe. Let their imagination reign.

A Crown with Heart

At Madly Wish, we believe in giving back. That's why we donate 5% of every sale to the Chicago chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We're not just celebrating birthdays. We're also working to remove the stigma surrounding mental health; supporting mothers, and making a positive impact.

Create Crowning Moments

With Madly Wish's Birthday Crowns, you're not just buying a party accessory. You're creating a tradition, sparking joy, and making memories that last a lifetime. Looking for birthday crowns for adults?  Our adjustable birthday tiaras fit 12mos - adults.  Celebrate in style, celebrate with heart. Madly Wish.