How to Create Tooth Fairy Magic

tooth shaped pillows for the tooth fairy visit

The Magic of Tooth Fairy Pillows

Ah, the tooth fairy - a magical being that takes our children’s lost teeth and leaves them gifts in return. Have you ever wondered how to make this experience even more enchanting? Enter the tooth fairy pillow! This whimsical creation not only helps keep the precious teeth safe for the tooth fairy’s collection, but also adds an extra layer of excitement for the little ones when they lose their first tooth. So let’s dive into the world of tooth fairy pillows and discover their charms, creative accessories, and how they can encourage good oral health!

Short Summary

  • Keep those baby teeth safe, the tooth fairy is coming!

  • Make your child’s tooth-losing experience magical with creative accessories and letters.

  • Promote good oral health in kids by encouraging them to brush their teeth for a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Keepsake for baby teeth

A child holding a tooth fairy keepsake pillow.

Personalized tooth fairy pillows are a delightful way to make the tooth fairy experience more magical for your kids. These charming pillows come with a pocket specially designed to hold a child’s lost tooth. They can be placed under a child’s pillow, on their nightstand, or even hung on their doorknob for a little extra enchantment.

The tooth fairy then visits the child at night, exchanging the tooth for a sweet treat or some pocketful of coins. The average payout from the tooth fairy ranges from a dollar to over $6 per tooth - talk about a lucrative business!

Encourages good oral hygiene

The tooth fairy doesn’t just sprinkle magic on our children’s dreams, she also helps teach them the importance of good oral hygiene. After all, the tooth fairy wouldn’t want to collect a cavity-infested tooth, would she? By crafting a tooth fairy tradition & encouraging children to prevent loose teeth through proper dental care, you not only add a sprinkle of fairy dust to their lives, but also help them develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

The tooth fairy can also leave personalized notes as a “tooth report card” to grade the child’s lost tooth on color, cleanliness, and density, providing a fun incentive for kids to brush & floss regularly. It’s like having a magical dental hygienist who rewards good oral health with treats and coins!

Enhances the tooth fairy tradition

Tooth fairy pillows add an extra layer of magic to the tooth fairy tradition, making it more memorable for children. Imagine your child’s excitement when they discover the tooth fairy has visited them and left an enchanting note or a sparkling coin in return for their lost tooth!

Incorporating unique elements from other tooth fairy traditions around the world, like the El Ratoncito Pérez from Spain or La Petit Souris from France, can also make the tooth fairy experience even more special for your child. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making the tooth fairy tradition a magical and unforgettable experience for your little ones!

Creative Tooth Fairy Pillow Accessories

Tooth Fairy pillows for boys and girls.

Why not make the tooth fairy’s visit even more magical with some creative accessories? You can sprinkle a little glitter on coins or dollar bills to create Tooth Fairy Glitter Money. Or, you can leave a trail of sparkly fairy-sized footprints with the “Fairy Footsteps” activity, using a doll’s shoe or foot sprinkled with sparkly fairy dust.

These extra touches will surely make your child’s tooth fairy experience even more enchanting and memorable.

Miniature tooth fairy letters

A charming image of a miniature personalized tooth fairy letter.

Adding a tiny, personalized note from the tooth fairy can make the experience even more magical for your child. These miniature tooth fairy letters, also known as “Teeny Tiny Notes,” can be found on platforms like Pinterest, and can include the child’s name, date, age, and tooth rating - just like a report card for teeth! Consider placing the note in a mint tin for safekeeping and an added touch of whimsy.

A little note from the tooth fairy will not only delight your child, but also encourage them to maintain good oral hygiene, preventing gum disease.

Tooth fairy door

A tooth fairy door is an fun & enchanting accessory that can add a touch of magic to your child’s room. This tiny, mystical door can be placed on a wall or in a child’s bedroom, serving as a gateway for the tooth fairy to enter and collect their missing teeth.

To make your own tooth fairy door, you can paint a small wooden door in any color, adding decorations like sparkles, stars, and cute trinkets. Your child will be thrilled to discover that the tooth fairy has stopped by through their very own magical door!

Tooth Fairy Traditions Around the World

A child with a tooth fairy pillow.

The tooth fairy is a beloved figure worldwide, and different cultures have their extra special ways of celebrating this enchanting character. In Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, El Ratoncito Pérez, a dashing mouse, takes the place of the tooth fairy. Meanwhile, in France and Switzerland, the tooth fairy is known as La Petite Souris. In some Asian countries, children even throw their teeth up in the air or onto the roof and bury the top-row teeth as part of the tradition.

The tooth fairy tradition is alive and well in countries like the United States, Denmark, England, and Australia, where the tooth fairy exchanges teeth placed under pillows for money or gifts. By learning about these different tooth fairy traditions, you can incorporate unique elements from other cultures into your own family’s tooth fairy tradition, making the experience even more magical and memorable for your child.

Encouraging Oral Health with Tooth Fairy Visits

A child brushing their teeth.

Tooth fairy visits can be used as a fun opportunity to promote healthy dental habits in children. Along with leaving money under their pillow, the tooth fairy can also leave tooth-friendly gifts like a fun toothbrush, kid-friendly toothpaste, fabulous dental floss, and a timer to ensure they brush for the recommended two minutes. These fun tooth fairy ideas not only excite children, but also encourage proper dental care.

An official Tooth Fairy Certificate can also be left behind to acknowledge children with stellar dental hygiene, especially when they experience tooth loss, such as losing their first tooth or having a loose tooth. The certificate can grade the child’s lost tooth on factors like sparkle, pearly whites, and gleaming cleanliness, providing a fun incentive for kids to maintain good oral health.

Celebrity Tooth Fairy Stories

A child playing with a tooth fairy pillow.

Celebrities, just like the rest of us, have their own tooth fairy stories to share! Stars like Pink, Kailyn Lowry, Idina Menzel, Kourtney Kardashian, and even Dwayne Johnson have all shared their tooth fairy experiences and the unique ways they’ve made the tooth fairy tradition special for their children.

From leaving personalized notes and enchanted doors to incorporating traditions from around the world, there are countless ways to make the tooth fairy experience magical for your little ones. By drawing from these celebrity stories and the endless creativity available, you can create a tooth fairy tradition that is uniquely yours and truly enchanting for your child.


In conclusion, tooth fairy pillows and creative accessories can make the tooth fairy experience even more magical for children, while also promoting good oral health. By incorporating unique elements from different cultures, celebrity stories, and your own imagination, you can create a tooth fairy tradition that your child will cherish and remember for years to come. So, go ahead and add a little extra sparkle to the tooth fairy experience - it’s time to make some unforgettable memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with a Tooth Fairy pillow?

If you have a Tooth Fairy pillow, the best thing to do is to hang it on your child's doorknob. They can then get excited knowing the tooth fairy might be visiting them in their sleep!

What does the Tooth Fairy put in a kids tooth pillow?

For the Tooth Fairy to leave something special, consider leaving a personalized note, some money, or maybe a few coins.

A personalized note is a great way to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit extra special. You can write a few kind words or a funny joke that your child will love.

Books are also great gift ideas.

What does a parent give a child when they lose their first tooth?

Give a reward! Your child will feel so special when they receive a reward for their newly lost tooth. From money, to toys, to ice-cream treats, it’s important to recognize and celebrate this big milestone in a young person’s life!

Rewards can be anything from a few coins to a special toy or treat. It’s a great way to add more magic to this fun tradition.